Saturday, July 26, 2014

What does experience teach us?

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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Track of life:

Trying to get back on track of life -Yes, you would lost your track of life if you continue to loose your mind on surroundings of your daily activities. Well those daily activities I suppose you need them to survive and then your growth gets sabotaged. Well, you can also change the way you look to these situation as focusing on other things rather than you are continuing to do. It's closing one door and opening a new one. This new one could be your past thing that you have withhold for a long years. May be it is just you haven't got your focus in that you feel it is important.

Yes, it is the priorities that you are making and once you get into one of your priorities right now, make sure you get back to your previous one to continue doing what you want to achieve. Sometimes , it is where your mind is. Where your mind wanders when nothing you feel doing or you finishes your one task and now you have to get back to other which is equally important after urgency then.

In life, we have to do many things. How we take it as far as work is concerned. Life work - this is what I want to say.

Life work:

I have categorized this into subheading as Life work is something you should do that you are born to do. You may do something different that your life work and go on with life struggle which could also be your life work - may be not your primary life work. Why are you born in this world? Why you are here? What is your purpose of yours to be in this world?

There are certain things that you need to perform whether you like it or not but life work, we - everyone should identify and understand what we have to do in this life to perform in order to bring your soul into destiny.

Destiny: Destiny is where all soul have.  It is  influenced by the thoughts of your parents while you are infants and growing. Just a thought which have every ingredients to change and influence the destiny of a soul.

We all are governed with the soul work - is life work. A Soul may have many different lives which "Gita" explained.

How can we get back on track of life work after lost in the jungle of day to day activities which can be urgent to us now and will make us tired and unfruitful leading nowhere but even more circling of desires and wear and tear of our lives circumstances.

Some can get back on track and other will lost in the jungle: the others might not know what life work is his and born to do.

My life on thirties which seems to the end after one year or so. Some life achievements, and the others to do lists - desires and emotional set backs, feel of a war with your relatives and brothers - a sense of rights to be achieved for your child and wife - a pure responsibility, a surge of flow of desires and intentions to strengthen the edge of it and stand tall in the crowd of chaos where others intention trying to mark its way.

A row of my track of my life where your all intentions and achievements lie - I need to focus on that bringing it to the core of the activities which can nourish it and expand as I focus it through.

Shri guru deva dutta

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Life ahead 30s'

 My Life ahead thirties. We get involved with activities where we think we can take a further step of growth. Growth is necessary in every endeavour we participate, where it's personal or professional arenas.

Many have more plans and strategies to fulfill their lives prosperous and happy. Here when happiness comes into context. It is again just a perspective. I'm sure you will agree with me that the wants and desires, intentions and propositions can be different to different people. Even if they concur to each other, the consequences may be so unique and different. My life ahead thirties which will be consequences of my thirties itself. One thing is certain that if I do the same things all the time, I will be getting the same thing in the future. To change it, of course, I need to be in an uncomfortable situation. That may lead to a comfortable state again like flow of water from High end to low end.

Though, I didn't have much desires in my life because when I had taken a course of desire to fulfill my life prosperous, but I failed and I collapsed ! Not sure why did that happened to me but I am sure that failure opened up new doors!! In my life, I have experienced this often. But, at some point, you can't flow with winds always, sometimes you need to sail through winds by creating a resistance. But make sure you don't get burn down ( your health ).

Freeing your mind is very important in your life course. Skills to puff up the stress and tension, hanging out with the like minded people and having intentions following up with activities to get the desired state of lives, you need to have knowledge and wisdom to feed you as a source of back up support. Make sure, you have right people at the right time. You can take use of internet as a source of gathering and searching information. Whoever you are and whatever you do now is done by someone else in other place of the world you live in. We are linked up with each other through out the world and this is surprising!!

With this amazing findings on linking together THE WORLD,  the level of consciousness of the World depends on the incidence that followed in the world. The more liked minded prayer in the church for instance, pray massive by the mass of people with an intention is entitled to happen in the world of happenings.

A pray is very powerful if it has done with focused intention and how bad you want, The manifestation, it depends! This is how the manifestation has been done by the prayer in the churches and people who do it at home in their personal lives. They have really changed the way they live and lead the lives.

In My life ahead thirties, I want to see the manifestation that I desire. I have now sprouting desires which are generating again after a long gap ( 5 years ).  I'm now a Man with a purpose!! I am now making it  focused and sowing a seed into the Universe. It itself grows.

Shri guru deva datta!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Childhood memory

I am back again with a story behind a person who is my friend while studying my Masters'. Her name is Rashmi Niraula, Though  I changed my University later, we have met in times again for common interest and activities, for instance, Writings. She is good natured girl, and she described her one of her memorable childhood experience. When I read it, I enthralled and dived into imagination into characters of her real story. Here you can also read it which she wrote in her own words.

Rashmi Niraula
As my childhood days are spend on the place far from my hometown name Duhabi. That place was very beautiful surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains and greenery spread all over the areas. That place name is okharvotte (madi).I have got a chance to visit that place while I was small ,at that time my age is Twelve. I have beautiful memory on my childhood. As my father was the government employee and everyone respect him. I have many friends of my age; we used to have lots of fun and enjoyment. We used to roam from one place to other and many new places.Our parents don’t allow us to roam in new places, here and there. We just secretly get out of our home without our parents’ permission due to that we used to get punishment.

 Once in the month there used to have party in my father office, where my father friend’s used to bring their children with them. We used to have lots of fun, we used to sing song together and dance a whole night. One of my friend know to play Madal, he played it and we all used to sing song together which I can never forget those days.

 In my father office there was one peon we used to call him "Baje." He is very interesting and a kind person he used to play with me and my sister whenever he got time. He loved us very much, whenever we feel bored he used to come and dance just to make us laugh and happy. We used to play lots of game like carem board, ludo, chess, Lukachupi ( hide and seek ), Dhukumuku, skipping and rubberband etc. Every week in our village there use to have market  only that day we have to buy the grocery for the whole week.

At that day we used to go market with others friends we used to bought lots of sweets, chakshala (special sweets made of sugar), chocolates etc. I used to study there at Madi School which was only school of that place .and there, the government employees, businessmen and rich people afford to send their children in that school. In my school there I got chance to make many good friends we all were very naughty and used to tease each other. We used to sing together  in class whenever the class has leisure times. Once, while we were singing song we were also dancing by pushing each other at that time one of my friend fell from his a bench and the teacher scolded us a lot.

There was a sister, the daughter of baje, she was also my guardian. She loved me a lot. Her name was bhagwata .Bhagwata dd loved me very much and she guided me whenever I needed help. She used to take me "bassi" the place where there was a farm in which the farmer used to grow sweet potato, maize, wheat, potato etc. and we used to eat sweet potatos and roam different places. Once our teacher decided to take us on a picnic but my parents didn't allowed me to go to picnic as I was very small. I cried a lot that day Bhagwata dd knew that and finally convinced my parents to allow me to go to the picnic as she was also going along with us. The picnic spot was near the place named shallghari where there is a large forest and a beautiful river flowing in between the forest. Teacher had to cook food and we needed to help them by cutting vegetables and others ,while cutting the vegetables, the seed of chilly went into my eyes that was the most horrible day for me.

Once my parents decided to visit to Siddakali temple in Chyanpur, we went there to worship the god and had a small picnic. While returning back in the way it got dark and soon it was becoming night .The villager suggested my parents to make massal of fire and carry it with them. We were very scared as there were many thieves and robbers in that area. That day we reached home lately.

Once or twice in the year we used to visit to Terai our hometown, while going to Terai we need to walk one whole day, and one whole day on a bus. While we reached to our home we used to have lots of fun and when the time came to leave home we used to cry a lot. As we had lots of friends there and we used to play a lot. In our home my old grandmother, uncle, aunty, and my sister lives there. While leaving the home I felt very bad.While going to school there was a large forest, we used to cross that forest to go to school. On the way there was a hospital from where the scream of patients came. We used to run while going to school. There was always a competition between my sister and me to go to school as the way was very scary.

Once our teacher decided to take us to the campus near our school to take part on the program organized by the campus .That was very beautiful program, singing and dancing program were conducted there. That whole day we spend in that campus.One of my friend had got tuberculosis; his parent were poor they don’t have enough money for the checkup and also there were no awareness about the disease. He was sick but also he didn’t stop to go to school as he loved to read. One day while going to school on the way he died. Whole school went there in his funeral which was very sad memory of my life.

My childhood memory was very happy, some were very sad but in total this was the awesome moment of my life. If I got chance in my life I would like to visit the place once and want to make my memory refresh again. I want to meet my friends those who were still there. That is all, the thing about my childhood memory.