Friday, May 18, 2012

Last day in my thirties

Last day in my thirties yea sometimes we count years once we are in loneliness.

Direction at the moment.

I just wonder at what direction I am going. Which direction should I have to go? I know I have a choice. I can choose what I want. Sometimes, I don't want to do anything and that's my choice too whether I want it or not. I choose the way I am. I sometimes, go with the flow of life wind wherever it takes like surfing against the waves of ocean, practico la vela, or sometimes I go where my feelings take me where I should be. What should I choose? Which way should I go? Sometimes, this is a big question or I don't think the question and flow with the life. Even though, unconsciously I will be doing that I am going to be comfortable. Sometimes, I am too comfortable enough in the situation that I don't seek option for change. I have to admit one time or another that life is always changing whether I want it or not. To able to adapt the changes I encounter makes me fit to this surroundings or the time itself. Sometimes, when my mind is comfortable to think and analyze the options that I have at the moment makes me more conserved and think before do kind of attitude makes me really secure, and I enjoy this moment. When I choose without thinking at the moment of really tense or emergency, and later on exhaustion I am going to think I know this. So, what is the direction at the moment? I think wherever I will have a gut feelings that I should do this or I should do that; where my heart feels to do or go. Just do it or just go there. If after my heart go there, then my mind starts to think whether it is acceptable to me to do or not to go. Then, I have to change the direction where I was going or doing. But, I have to initiate well enough at first to create a momentum, and that's the key to make things happen the way you like or desire.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My feelings for what I see and understand.

Yes, the feelings, it is really important for how I live here. I see and try to seek the knowledge and view the world through my 36 years old eyes. My eyes seem to be out of balance as I feel in my body some dizziness after constant and untiring seek of my knowledge venture that what I am up to these days. But, it's not finished yet and want to download and jot down all to make me empty again and starts searching and seeking for what I believe in this my mind and heart. The Doctor said," you need to take your eyes rest by closing time to time.""It's getting dry after not getting nourishment adequately." I think I'm spending more time at home last couple of weeks watching youtube. By the way, Youtube is good way for searching for what you want to know. It's an excellent audio and visual application that you have in your Mobile. Recently, I came to believe the existence of extra-teriestial life forms and they had been connected with our human civilization from many years ago. I came to watch some of the youtube videos that showed the true evidences of existence and they had been visiting our earth time to time. As true as hiding the invention of free energy ( zero point energy), this is true that UFO evidences have been hidden and made secret to the general people. I think this is a new belief that I have gained, any comments are welcome if you have any information regarding this. Thank you. A Life Traveler.