Tuesday, December 30, 2014


LMP: 10 April 2014  ( 36 weeks of Pregnancy )

Calculation of Due date: LMP minus 3 months =Jan 10

Date will be the next year of Jan 10 i.e Jan 10, 2015

ADD 7 days = Jan 17, 2015 ( DUE DATE )

Weight of the baby is 2399gm.
Ultra sound detected as 34 weeks pregnancy today.
Margin of days : +/-21 days

Due date calculated : 7 Feb 2015

Heart rate: 146 beats/min

Placenta: Posterior Fundic

Liquid volume: 10 cm Adequate.

Intra-uterine single live fetus in Cephalic presentation.

On the above data, here is a presentation of Two Due dates given. One predicted by N. rule and other from the Ultrasound fetus measurements. According to the doctor, she will take LMP as a preference if it is available. The others are taken into account once LMP not known.

It's a baby boy of few weeks remaining to be born. Whatever the due date estimated, the exact date will be he who choose . 

At this time, he is sensitive to light and sound already. 

B.P of mother recorded as 130/90 and The doctor told it is a bit higher for pregnant mother. How can she control her B.P?

Please do advice.

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