Tuesday, December 30, 2014


LMP: 10 April 2014  ( 36 weeks of Pregnancy )

Calculation of Due date: LMP minus 3 months =Jan 10

Date will be the next year of Jan 10 i.e Jan 10, 2015

ADD 7 days = Jan 17, 2015 ( DUE DATE )

Weight of the baby is 2399gm.
Ultra sound detected as 34 weeks pregnancy today.
Margin of days : +/-21 days

Due date calculated : 7 Feb 2015

Heart rate: 146 beats/min

Placenta: Posterior Fundic

Liquid volume: 10 cm Adequate.

Intra-uterine single live fetus in Cephalic presentation.

On the above data, here is a presentation of Two Due dates given. One predicted by N. rule and other from the Ultrasound fetus measurements. According to the doctor, she will take LMP as a preference if it is available. The others are taken into account once LMP not known.

It's a baby boy of few weeks remaining to be born. Whatever the due date estimated, the exact date will be he who choose . 

At this time, he is sensitive to light and sound already. 

B.P of mother recorded as 130/90 and The doctor told it is a bit higher for pregnant mother. How can she control her B.P?

Please do advice.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Something happened in the year 1999, the day when I almost died. Lying in the bed just curiously exploring what had been occurring to me without knowing day or the night outside.  I was travelling to where my consciousness brought me. I could hear a crying of people somewhere far. It seemed like a huge tragedy had occurred there. The sound of crying of whole mass - it fell into shadow until a powerful woman's voice rise into the dark sky ordering the slaughter of someone's head - horrible!! That woman voice was powerful enough and then was focusing me staying above where I lie. She was saying - "THAT"S YOU" THAT"S YOU"......HERE YOU COME....COME...I was feeling like my head was pulling up and staggering .............I was summoning my all powers which I was chanting early in the curiosity. 

During chanting early, I was approached by some SOME Powerful chanting Mantra of known nature. I was listening to it and had no effect on me. I felt being attacked but had no effect. I laughed hugely and echoed in the dark space. Ripples of my laugh continued as it seemed not stopping. 

The next scene of my consciousness was that the crying of mass of people and I summoned all my powers to the raised powerful woman voice as she staggering my head --Yea Here you come.....
Then, I was changing my position of my body with different posture of dance of Tandaba with different posture of my body and hands. Until some rays of smoothing energy befell and entering through my head and passing it through my body and out through my lower organ.

I saw a white bread old man with a dazzling white light followed by a white woman seemed like an angel..........Then I tried to kiss the Angel............Feeling it's mine...

When I interpret now All those lights and encounters, I feel Iike I had been to some other dimension which I couldn't hear now. There are some other worlds too which we couldn't see and hear normally. I have felt it. It is like yesterday and Time has passed so long though my memories still alive and fresh. I may relive the memory but not that way as I had gone through. It was not a dream - but a true Reality.