Sunday, August 23, 2015

Life at 40s just having taste of it as the journey goes on to live on!!!

Yes Live on! 

Life has entered into 40s. What did you achieved so far? The Question just roamed into my head, staggering and dropped my knees down to see up in the sky. Never ever seen sky so clear. I want to put this into perspective. 

"A plant has grown up old spreading its arms being stuck inside the closed walls around. Using the resources within from the earth. The Sun above can penetrate the closed walls being lit around the place within. A life has sprout up from it. A new flower whose leaves and branches yet to come. Hope to have its branches strong to break the walls cast a spell by a wizard. Veins of Eyes blue and black around each corners of the walls watching for the signs they can reveal on themselves once will see it and flow into the energy stream."

"The plant wants to visualize its dream to go high up above the walls and cross it borders. Support from the earth and its mud with a water everyday coming from the source of pluto. A mark of Jupiter in its upbringing needs to materialize still to mark the life with a degree of burnt mark on the top of its leaf. Its moon has shinning and the saturn paying it off with some walls creating the availability of receiving rays from the moon. What on earth are we doing so far? it makes an question still to show on. Mars on the other hand, with its sword high need to shine bright enough to cope with all its enemies. ketu is making its spell to manifest is on the and it's coming .."

Life has turned to gear of 40s. Engines need to check test further to mark 50's.  See you all in my Page..."MY DAYS OF FOURTIES"

Hasta luego!!!

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