Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1:30 AM

Hola, hace mucho tiempo ahora de que me he escrito eso blog. He levantado muy temperano hoy. Ahora va a las 5 de a la manana. Me he siento mucho refreso este manana. A new dawnn the sky.. The day seems clear and cool this morning. Estoy escuchando la music en sala. Today is the indepedence day here. Does the day has any significance on my life? It's not that what you think now that I wanted to say. I am trying to say that a world of my life!! A day of independence!!! A day of new thinking, a new beginning that has already been started since 14 feb 2013; a day of my Marriage with Anu. Fui maravillos!!! muy Contentoooo!!! Chevereeeeeee!!

8:00 am, 28 Jan. 2015

I have to say more as I'm going to add some more on this blog today. I have been waking on around 1:30 am, the same hours of time and actually, we both wake up to look after our baby,

Our life now has given up a new hope of rays with a birth of our son - Shreyas. We have been being taken care of him as possible as we can. We are with him almost all the time.

We are hoping to see him walk soon and explore the world by taking tiny steps of his life.

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