Saturday, February 26, 2011


Whom do you spent your time most with determine what are you going to be tomorrow. My Saturday, a going to be a rainy one soon, spent with my other half of my life. These days I'm really spending my most of the time with her. A small apart makes me feel uncomfortable to live with and I phone her again. Whoever I talk with in a day, I have no day without talking with her. Even we don't have talks, we do have fights and it is very interesting to remember what have we passed or crossed the level of our understanding between each other, so deep. I don't find content now without her in my life. Life without her is impossible for me though I can survive for a week or so but not for life, not even two days! God promise! God has given her a beautiful mind and attitude to go on with her. Life is going on, on and on....never knows how it will be tomorrow but the present will determine our future, how we will going to be present ourselves each other with us. Phoning every time we have time, almost all the time, morning , afternoon, evening,and night before going to bed. It seems majority of my time is living with her, it is surrounding with her, it is transforming with her. Transforming myself along with her as I am thinking a wonderful life. I have learned from her how to care people in what terms to your belongings and yours loved one. She gets me into my interpersonal skills development in many ways. She has a wise look on her partner to whom she is going to live her life. She proved me reciprocity is the key in every intimate relationship to continue a long way so that we both get satisfied how we spent and care for each other. Your mind may be in terms of money in reciprocity or your mind may be in showing caring and love in reciprocity or any you think of now when there is reciprocity a relationship will survive for a long, long time. Beware!! even if you can't do reciprocal of what your partner did for you, the key is to do it anyhow!!! Are you sick, don't count it. Are you far, don't count it. Don't you have money, don't count it. Don't you have time to do, don't count it. Just do it any how. Just solve it now, today this very time, no matter what it takes for you, your health!! a not very wise option, but it doesn't count too....omg!! this is very serious!! you have to be crazy! to get it done the way you want. Want it that way and done you get it if the person with whom you are is right one to listen to. No life without the way you want, just want it.
How do you think this way?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Why do people don't understand me?

I try to think myself why the people don't understand me when I do really have to do something. May be I don't have convincing attitude to tell to other people or may be I really don't care of how the people are themselves living. People generally underestimate me when I really need to tell to them. I'm becoming so general while writing this and didn't specify the person whom I am talking to.

I believe if you really stand for yourself whatever the surroundings you have now or the way you have created outside, if you really do what you want to do then those people who tells you wrong, underestimate you often because you don't go around them often or don't do what they do. This doesn't necessarily mean that the way they see things are not being reality checked with the world around them. We all live here and everyone have their own opinion to tell as they see. If things they see are different doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be the same with all the other people around huh huh huh!!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back again after a while in my blog!

Twist and turn, the attitude you take is very important I feel. I'm thinking of buying a gadget that makes me comfortable posting through my mobile, so obviously a handy mobile with querty type. I don't want to use laptop or desktop as it makes me stay in one place all the time and it is huge too I feel to buy it for myself, silly me!! Lets hope what I will do.

Blogging I want to do it often now, but lets see how it goes. I don't have to college now. I'm staying home doing house-stuff and helping my father in some way.My mum is at Nursing home and haven't made up my mind to see her nor to see my small brother yet.

I'm staying in contacts with Stew, Beryl, Jeannie a few times, but not to Jalyn as she is lost. I hope to call her soon in her cellphone if that rings and picks up by only her. And, a contact to Bina last time told if will come to online and talk to me in skype.

Life has already taken a U-turn, but I haven't felt it yet. I'm talking so general and on the surface which makes me write this way this time.