Monday, April 30, 2012

Got time to write the blog again!

Hola! Got time to stay for a blog at home. I finished my classes of evening spanish class with Ingrid Estrella from Ecuador. She taught me after Juanita had to leave for some reasons. I am going to take a final test for the class soon this week. I covered pretty all tenses in spanish with Ingrid. I am nowadays eager to go to spanish speaking countries to visit and enrich my knowledge. Hopefully I will be able to get a new perspective in my life. I have been searching in the net for a scholarship that I can get in a spanish speaking country for studying spanish language. Buena suerte para me! At the morning, I have been studying spanish in a University. It's a 2-years course and I am running on 2nd semesters out of 4-semesters in total. I got 88.5% in First semester. Hope to get better with 90s over percentage. I love to speak spanish! Me encanta espaƱol!