Sunday, September 14, 2014

The weather falls sick!

Today the weather falls sick:

Is it the weather or the physiology of my body that I felt a surge of downfall on the activities? Does only I feel this today on sun less weather outside? since I am totally inside the room and the house.The outside environment affects our mood, is it just for me or you people too?
The temperature I saw on the news channel CNN of the kathmandu as 26 degree celsius. If there is sun in the sky, I won't feel little chilly today. I had to change my clothing to high neck vest and a trouser which I wear during winter but it feels me heavy on my body that I had to change the vest to the one I was wearing before.

Horoscope that made me not to do something:

The morning horoscope which I have seen after I woke up told something to be caution about. Not to deal, trade, or some contract to sign during the day. The phone rang while I was watching the television and laying down during the day at room. I didn't really agreed to the person who was asking for something to be done by me. That even really made me step back of my state of being activeness. If I would have able to do this, may this can lead to another opportunity, but it wasn't that for sure as far as that moment was concerned. I have been really following the action that has been telling by the horoscope which might be fruitful or slide back into numerous inactivities which I don't know yet. For now, I believe in Horoscope auspicious time prediction.

Thyroid dysfunction to be considered:

I won't say exactly the word dysfunction but the level of production of thyroid hormones fluctuation which affects the mood of the person. For example, not to do the required action. To say exactly not to be in the mood to do the things you have to do. May be you blame all this for the weather challenges or the state of your mind after you do what you didn't like to do and feel you should have done whatever the situation might be that it can be helpful for your loved ones. The mood swings or the state which you feel down as the weather is chilly.

Basically all the outside environment change has to be get accustomed with the inside body world, and in this role, your master gland, the pituitary which produces numerous hormones and stimulates to produce other glands the required level of hormones for instance, thyroid glands. This thyroxine hormones if in deficiency or extreme production affects the mood, reaction and blood pressure of the body. The serious depression is also the result of this facts which is true.

What basically you need to do?

First being aware of this fact is the first process of change since the change is only possible by your brain. I believe we can make up our brain in which the mind plays an important role for sure. After understanding that why your mood changes and what you can do for this. After information you know about the nature of your state, you can plant yourself a seed of change in your mind. Truly believe yourself that you can change your state of the mind and body. Remember to say Yes! to whatever opportunities came in that will change your position and the doings. It can be a simple phone call from your friend or loved one to move you out of your current state. Just do the first initial step with an enthusiasm,  Believe you can change, move forward!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Sept 12, 2014

The day of which the show must go on:

Normally, I don't get irritated myself because I'm not that category of  a person who gets angry unnaturally.  I don't pretend to be angry. I think the girls are more aware of being herself angry of or about anything or anyone with just pretension. I'm not that kind of guy.

I felt angry today. Why I would get angry? May be because I didn't get what I want. May be because I'm not able to be in my state of comfort, a state of my righteousness or may be I'm in a position where normally I don't go along with it so easily.

Blood pressure reading:

I have my blood pressure reading of normally 120/80. This is after I have been taking medication of hypertension which used to go around 140/100 and sometimes 150/100. Earlier state of mine made me one day in a state of dizziness so that I need to take medicine any how. This made me to go to the Doctor for consultation. This wasn't today the Friday Sept 12, 2014, but about some months ago. The state of mine now is even better than before medication. I must say that the medication has really changed my living to before and even more active than before.

What could be the process of relief once you got angry?

To my knowledge when a person gets angry, he doesn't see anything. He can't see the pros and cons. He can't decide what can be right to him/her at that moment because most of the time if he decides something in his state of anger, the decision seldom is right to him. He/she has to regret most of his/her decision made at the time of anger. So, to quiet himself/herself what he/she should do is a big question to everyone.

Take a glass of cool water if possible. A cool water may not be available at that time. What you should do? Keep mum for few minutes and observe your thoughts going and coming. This is only possible when you get angry and you become alone at that time. So, move out of the place is the necessity since the environment really makes a difference. You might be thinking of cause of anger or the person whom  you got angry with through mind repeatedly. So, you need to silence your mind by saying to yourself --- That's nothing. That's nothing, That's nothing. If this makes you silent your mind then it is your ego that has been hurting.

The possibility of getting angry again when you see the person or heard about the person whom you had become angry, So, don't get into the process of triggering again. Be silent or ignore it to let go of the encounter of the situation again. May be the other person whom you got angry has already forgotten about the incident in his mind. It is just your way of responding makes a difference in the situation. If a tigger comes again, then identify it quickly and do the appropriate to nullify it.

You have to make commitment that you will not get angry again in your life ever. "If it happens, I will see to make it over."

Friday : the show must go on

It's always the last day of a week. We usually burden off work after days of work of a week. I want to go out with friends to eat out or roam about which is quite unnatural after marriage. When we are planning to go out sometimes, the moment when the obstacle came in. This really makes me angry. But the show must go on. Yes, the show is going on and is still on.

Today it's Friday Sept 12, 6.04 pm 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Our Baby on 19th weeks past Ultrasound


Our Baby is now 19th weeks past and entering into days of becoming 20th weeks. We went through Ultrasound this morning. All fine. God bless us. Amen.

Baby's heart pumping normal. Sound can be heard clearly. Our baby is floating into adequate amniotic fluid inside his mother worm. I can see his strong legs build inside. His head, eyes lobes, a lobe of his nose, the ribs of his chest, and hands and strips of his fingers are clearly visible.


Weight of the baby now around 295 gms. Physically too, his mother weight increased around 3 kg since then. Doctor said it is ok. The weight shouldn't decreased now, and keep increasing. She have given some food supplements of protein as my wife doesn't like meats to eat.

An injection of Tinatinus:

It was given in the morning before we left the hospital. In the afternoon, my wife complained of  pain in the arm where it was given. The pain seems like becoming a kind of fever. I called the doctor and she said to put some ice on the pain area  and if fever comes, take a cetamol. She is still now in her school with children. May be we will see when she arrives home in the evening.


She likes to eat bananas. She thinks it was a boy because she had eaten 6 bananas at the same time ha ha. Really, it can be. ha ha.

Baby's due date: Jan 26th 2015.