Sunday, August 23, 2015

Life at 40s just having taste of it as the journey goes on to live on!!!

Yes Live on! 

Life has entered into 40s. What did you achieved so far? The Question just roamed into my head, staggering and dropped my knees down to see up in the sky. Never ever seen sky so clear. I want to put this into perspective. 

"A plant has grown up old spreading its arms being stuck inside the closed walls around. Using the resources within from the earth. The Sun above can penetrate the closed walls being lit around the place within. A life has sprout up from it. A new flower whose leaves and branches yet to come. Hope to have its branches strong to break the walls cast a spell by a wizard. Veins of Eyes blue and black around each corners of the walls watching for the signs they can reveal on themselves once will see it and flow into the energy stream."

"The plant wants to visualize its dream to go high up above the walls and cross it borders. Support from the earth and its mud with a water everyday coming from the source of pluto. A mark of Jupiter in its upbringing needs to materialize still to mark the life with a degree of burnt mark on the top of its leaf. Its moon has shinning and the saturn paying it off with some walls creating the availability of receiving rays from the moon. What on earth are we doing so far? it makes an question still to show on. Mars on the other hand, with its sword high need to shine bright enough to cope with all its enemies. ketu is making its spell to manifest is on the and it's coming .."

Life has turned to gear of 40s. Engines need to check test further to mark 50's.  See you all in my Page..."MY DAYS OF FOURTIES"

Hasta luego!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baby starts growing little by little - now 6 months !!

Baby, he is now 6 months, crosses his first step in Life. He is so loveable. I always want him cuddle and take in my arms until I tired. His mom always used to tell, this may spoil the child that he may want that way more. Yes! He signals whenever he wants to sleep, he cries and wants to cuddle. But, I have a another plan. I give him a chu chu!! I have to very careful ( which I seems not always) to give him chu chu in proper way ; for instance clean the chu chu with hot water before I give it to him. This will protect him for infection and others such as Diarrhea to occur.

Phews -- Things has gone little far but still have to take care of him more. As he is progressing to more of his toddlers age, one thing is sure he needs more attention by then.

He is so cute. I am not the one to tell but everyone tells it. His mom now so worried about his education ( proper education ). To educate him to do this and that. Do this and not to do this. How will he learn? She has been worried so much. To passive her, I told, he will do his own way, don't worry!

He is now sleeping in child posture in the bed next to me. His mom has gone up to feed herself as she is so hungry. She has not even put the medicine of her ears. She is so busy. I feel I haven't been so helpful for her in her works as she always complains. Even though She finds her time to take care of me in my deteriorating whooping as she feels some in my foods and she told to cook a Jaulo as it is free of some oils and greese - will be better for my health. I appreciate her in her efforts although I don't show off time to time. Last time few days back, She was suffering from terrible back pain. I think I have been helpful to her in this of her healing. I don't want to take credit as she always complains I haven't been enough helpful in her works.

With his dad
With his mom

Wow! Time has passed so quickly !!  I still remember his birth's hectic time. We still do those hectic time and now even more!! Ahh! he just wokes up crying. I cuddle him and preparing his Lactogen. Time to feed...!!

As I have few moments to write down here until the bottle cools off. He is in the bed babbling lol. He can pronounce da da, bu, goo, aaa, some other consonants which are difficult to understand but he babbles anyhow.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Blogging again after a while of days of my life.

It is important to continue back to blogging again. I feel It's important again to feed my soul and I have to ask myself, Is there something I can write about at this time? Just let me see if I can deliver some of my thoughts clearly and concisely to you all.

Yes, I am back and I hope I can continue writing this blog with lots of my experiences and thoughts which I have been holding inside my mind.  Life will be here on earth whether we will be here or not. It will continue as long as the soul desires. The important thing is when the soul wants to appear in a scenario to play his role and continue his journey. 

As the journey begins, we, the soul, continue to act or react, and our purpose are to be in this world is Nirvana, perhaps. Nevertheless, we all exist for desires to happen or if don't have desires, merely flow along the winds of life finding a mirage. I don't want to fix our lives on these two extremities because there could be many possibilities in our lives, which we all came to know by looking someone else experiences.

We all compel to think about our lives how it is to be as it is once we don't have means to fulfill our daily requirements. What if our world to be live is so easy. then it won't be the world of chaos or the world of dreams of someone's willingness to continue on the journey. What so ever, life is there and here that we should feed our lives and to our belongings. Responsibility emerging from pitfalls, situations and occasions whatsoever it's life - our life to live with dignity and confidence.

We, sure have to let go off our downfalls and purge those moments of pain to elevate ourselves into new beginning and finish off with concrete achievements that will make mile-stones
for our lives.

There comes the winds of change. A change rather not to engulf but to sustain and to upgrade to the next stage of our lives. We continue to live and live, Of course let live.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A day Begins with a crying of a Baby..

Nowadays, my days begin with a crying of a baby and ends my day with end of  the crying of the baby.

No matter what the other says - This is now a routine of my life. I have been observing the baby's life of my baby who just sleeps, eats and cries. I have learned how to cuddle and change the nappy. This is not the end I guess - but a new beginning towards a insight into the process of growing my baby.

We all once be Babies. Yes true. Babies are so cute. They only have a choice of demand by crying. So, learning a language of new born babies - oh gosh! but soon I will learn it some way.

  •  Hunger:  Baby cries due to hunger.Whenever he is hungry. He has no choice but to cry. 
  • Temperature: When baby feels cold, he cries. So, optimum temperature is required in the baby's room.
  • Burping: When baby feels a burp is coming. He cries.
  • Excretion: Baby cries when his nappy got loo and poop and wet his nappy.
  • orientation while sleeping: Baby cries when he feels discomfort in orientation in sleeping and staying.
Learning a language of a baby is easy? May be - because he just have one way of communication in his initial days - is just to cry.
The sound of a cry. The tone of his crying sound may determine what he is up to. How the baby cryings help him to fulfill his demand is the next question. For now, this is true baby cries for a demand  and when it is fulfilled. He just smiles... and the Smile is so cute. and satisfied.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A little boy born!!!

The little boy born on 16th Jan, 2015 in the mid afternoon by Cesarean dissection. It was Doctor's decision to operate as soon as we visit the hospital as mother felt inactivity of the fetus. When we reached the hospital, we have to wait for some 30mins and then at the moment she was examined, doctor checked by doppler and the scan indicating fetal distress. Doctor decided to operate quickly.

A little boy was born crying loud. He looks similar like his father as the nurses said. He has long hairs and his nose similar to his mother. Apagar test of the baby was 7 after 1 min  and 8 at 5 mins. It seems normal the condition of the baby at birth.

Mother conditions afteroperation improved when shifted to Cabin ward C- 5.  His grand father made all arrangements for his grand son and the daughter-in-law.

His father stayed with his mom doing day to day activities, managing foods, medicines and all the support. He was just active for all day without rest for his wife and his son.

Now he has been first 5 days running. He sleeps a lot and drink milk. He has already a taste of his mother milk through spoon. Breast pump has provided us much help to feed him. He can see I think. When I wore a hoot and approach him, he moves his head wherever the hoot with my head goes. lol. He has been doing normal excretion, though he sleeps a lot even while feeding milk.

He has just drunk milk and oil massaged and now sleeping inside a net under the sun. His mother too got oil massaged, ate a meal and now taking sun bath with mother-in- law. Now it is 12:15 pm. I got a baby call - have to go to upstair!!!

Updates will be back soon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Due date approaching near!!

Due date approaching near!

Now, it's 4 days remaining for the due date. The doctor advised to come to the hospital for stay on the same day or after one day if the labour pain doesn't occur. The hospital stay is advised for the observation.

We will soon meet the new little boy. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


LMP: 10 April 2014  ( 36 weeks of Pregnancy )

Calculation of Due date: LMP minus 3 months =Jan 10

Date will be the next year of Jan 10 i.e Jan 10, 2015

ADD 7 days = Jan 17, 2015 ( DUE DATE )

Weight of the baby is 2399gm.
Ultra sound detected as 34 weeks pregnancy today.
Margin of days : +/-21 days

Due date calculated : 7 Feb 2015

Heart rate: 146 beats/min

Placenta: Posterior Fundic

Liquid volume: 10 cm Adequate.

Intra-uterine single live fetus in Cephalic presentation.

On the above data, here is a presentation of Two Due dates given. One predicted by N. rule and other from the Ultrasound fetus measurements. According to the doctor, she will take LMP as a preference if it is available. The others are taken into account once LMP not known.

It's a baby boy of few weeks remaining to be born. Whatever the due date estimated, the exact date will be he who choose . 

At this time, he is sensitive to light and sound already. 

B.P of mother recorded as 130/90 and The doctor told it is a bit higher for pregnant mother. How can she control her B.P?

Please do advice.