Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baby starts growing little by little - now 6 months !!

Baby, he is now 6 months, crosses his first step in Life. He is so loveable. I always want him cuddle and take in my arms until I tired. His mom always used to tell, this may spoil the child that he may want that way more. Yes! He signals whenever he wants to sleep, he cries and wants to cuddle. But, I have a another plan. I give him a chu chu!! I have to very careful ( which I seems not always) to give him chu chu in proper way ; for instance clean the chu chu with hot water before I give it to him. This will protect him for infection and others such as Diarrhea to occur.

Phews -- Things has gone little far but still have to take care of him more. As he is progressing to more of his toddlers age, one thing is sure he needs more attention by then.

He is so cute. I am not the one to tell but everyone tells it. His mom now so worried about his education ( proper education ). To educate him to do this and that. Do this and not to do this. How will he learn? She has been worried so much. To passive her, I told, he will do his own way, don't worry!

He is now sleeping in child posture in the bed next to me. His mom has gone up to feed herself as she is so hungry. She has not even put the medicine of her ears. She is so busy. I feel I haven't been so helpful for her in her works as she always complains. Even though She finds her time to take care of me in my deteriorating whooping as she feels some in my foods and she told to cook a Jaulo as it is free of some oils and greese - will be better for my health. I appreciate her in her efforts although I don't show off time to time. Last time few days back, She was suffering from terrible back pain. I think I have been helpful to her in this of her healing. I don't want to take credit as she always complains I haven't been enough helpful in her works.

With his dad
With his mom

Wow! Time has passed so quickly !!  I still remember his birth's hectic time. We still do those hectic time and now even more!! Ahh! he just wokes up crying. I cuddle him and preparing his Lactogen. Time to feed...!!

As I have few moments to write down here until the bottle cools off. He is in the bed babbling lol. He can pronounce da da, bu, goo, aaa, some other consonants which are difficult to understand but he babbles anyhow.

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