Saturday, May 31, 2014

Grandmother died on Friday.

Our grandmother died on Friday, May 30 at the hospital and later then burned into ashes at Arya Ghatt where dead bodies are cremated.

We finished the ritual of death at around 5 pm which finishes by going into home and eat out.

I reached my room at around 7 pm and bathe again.

Shri guru Deva dutta.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My grandmother inside ICU with ventilator at hospital

Do you believe in rebirth?

What is going to be with us? This week is really crucial. At one point my wife is pregnant and baby's life going to arrive in this week, and on the other side, grandmother is at critical condition at ICU ventilator.

This coincidence is natural.

What is going to happen? rebirth of grandmother? possible inside my wife as our baby?

What are our karmic accounts and what the grandmother wishes as her last breath. It is very crucial. Do you believe on these aspects of life of born and reborn?

Shri Guru Deva Dutta.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Few spotting seen - miracle yet to come!

This week for me and my wife is very crucial. She is completely at home with one or two visiting outside. On last Saturday, she has been seen few bleeding in the evening. I can say it as spotting as it stopped in few times and no until early morning and appeared again in the morning.

I called the Doctor in the Saturday evening itself and doctor her told to be in a complete rest and come check in at Hospital tomorrow morning. On that evening, her mom, and brother and sisters came into our home for the first time after our marriage to visit in an invitation of my father. We didn't let them know about her situation.

In the Sunday morning, we went to the hospital to see the doctor. Doctor checked and told to be in complete rest, even not to go to her school where she teaches.  The doctor advised to stay her at hospital but she refused, and the doctor told me to do her ultrasound and show her the report immediately.

We went to the Ultrasound room and did payment and took an appointment for ultrasound and it was 2:30 pm at the Hospital. We went back home as it is a walking distance from the hospital.

On 2:30 pm we reached at hospital again, but her turn came up not until 5 pm. But, we did it at last and saw the report.  It has been reported that she has a yolk sac present inside the intrauterine space without a embryonic pole and no cardiac activity seen. Age of it as 5 weeks 2 days. Although from her stoppage of last mensuration, it has been 6 weeks.

At the moment no bleeding at all. Doctor increased the Gestofil to 200 mg twice daily. and continue to eat folic acid and vitamin b- complex. Advised to see in the next 2 weeks. Doctor said, we can't say anything concrete at the moment. about the baby. The life of baby may come late or early , it depends.

We are hoping for the baby. A baby is coming...a miracle have to occur!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

My wife is pregnant.

Such a long time without posting a single blog though I have been writing in for a few weeks or so, and also have earned some bucks that made me some easiness as money requirement is concerned.

It has been a year and more now that I am married and recently my wife is expecting a baby. She needs lots of care at the moment. Searching on YouTube and internet seems my daily task to feed me information regarding my baby at 1st trimester. She has been taking folic acids, B- complex and gestofit twice a day.

Green vegetables and chicken eggs are must for her now. Trying to fulfill the need of it as possible as required. I found out papaya and pine apples are not to be eaten during pregnancy. Similarly, not to go at temples, church at the moment.

The environment is very important factor where she feeds her mind and senses which ultimately affects the baby inside growing; stress free, void of anger are must at the moment.  Fatigue, mood swing, loss of appetite, breast and back pain has been indicated in her body at the moment, and not to worry that these symptoms will go away as the weeks progress.