Sunday, October 19, 2014

OGTT , Glucose tolerance test for pregnancy.

On wed, 15 Oct, 2014, OGTT was done. It is Glucose tolerance test to confirm gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

She took morning fasting blood sample and later after a morning meal following 3 hrs in each hour took a blood sample for test. It was 3 hrs test, how much meal to taken, it wasn't mentioned. She took a normal rice, lentils and vegetables. After the meal, I took her for more a less 30 minutes walk before she takes a first hour blood sample. After that, in between hours, she had been drinking warm waters. At almost 1:30 pm, the blood taking was finished.

The readings was in normal range. The lab staff asked us how much did she taken food during the meal. My thought is still in that.

When I reported to the doctor the next day in the hospital. She found ok, and for weight gain, she prescribed LRzin which is a 3 gm protein with Folic acid and zinc. She asked to continue all other inputs my wife has been taking.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

26 weeks of pregnancy.

On Saturday, Glucose tolerance test GCT was done of 26 weeks pregnancy. It came out to be 140.
It should be less than 140. When it was shown to the doctor, She advised further testing to confirm whether it is gestational diabetes or not.

According to the doctor, if it comes out high even on the further test, then my wife needs to take medicine for gestational diabetes. But I am sure, on the upcoming test, it will be normal. I don't know why I am feeling that. Testing will be done on coming Wednesday. She needs to take a leave from her school I guess. One on fasting and then others after a meal of 1 hr, 2 hrs, and 3 hrs consequently, and have to report to the doctor.

On examination, Baby is moving normally. Weight seems not increased than before at 65kg. When she measured on the digital meter, it has shown little increase on points like 65.46 , when we have weighed some weeks ago.

Second dose of TT injection has been given today morning on the visit to the doctor. All other Tabs like Iron, calcium are continued.

It was a thrust of pain during TT injection for the first time to her. Need to see this time. Nurse told it will be some pain and will go away in 2 days, and nothing to worry about.

She thought it was stress that is creating downfall towards improvements like weight gain. Weight needs to be gained for healthiness of the baby.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just a Thought intially - Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviours!!

Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviors:

When we think something, how it becomes a belief and for a long, when we hold it becomes a conviction.

It's amazing - truly unbelievable when we see things becoming itself into a known conviction. This doesn't seem happen overnight. For making a belief, one need to have many reasons to supports his idea or a thought. When you label your thought becomes an attitude. When the attitude if you hold it for long becomes a belief, and long lasting belief one day becomes a conviction that even you will not know when really it has become so.

We have many thoughts in mind; either consciously, or subconsciously where we have centers and sub-centers of impulses which begins, and triggers thoughts.

Why we keep thinking in our mind is just it proliferates itself from the centers,and sub-centers of impulses from our subconscious mind. One thought may trigger the other thoughts and so on. Linking of these thoughts seems simply a network of transmission of impulses. These thoughts from the centers, and sub-centers, comes to the conscious mind in the form of thoughts or attitudes which determine our behavior

Just a thought initially.

Environment in which we stay and expose ourselves and due to we,  in course of interaction with environment, we will have thoughts and experiences. Experiences comes from feeling it and remembering it from what we have done. A seed is initially a thought which makes it all in our life. Only determining factor is how will you nurture your thoughts and selects which thought to manifest. It's our choice

Past life impulses trigger centers; do we really have those as well? can be a big break through in this.  Do our thoughts determines our past behaviors? Yes of course! So, First question's answer also can be possibly  Yes!!

A thought wherever we have had generated once can have had an affect then and now. We can say it those thoughts now might be recessive or dominant depending on the choice  we have. But, the question is do we really have a choice? Is it possible?

Is it in our control?

A thought is a choice and is it in our control?