Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tej -el festival de las mujeres!!


Que alivio! para todas mujeres  hindus porque hay llegado el dia religioso "Tej." Es el dia donde las mujeres quedan y bailan sin comer nada. Sin comer y beber es un ritual.

Hay las canciones de "Tej" muy typical en que les bailan y relajan todas sus sufrimentos del ano. Las mujeres van a los templos de dios "Shiva" y lo adoran por sus maridos como el. Para las mujures casadas, ellos oran por sus maridos larga vida, saluda y prosperidad. Encendieron " Diyos" ( las luces ) tambien. Ellos llevan sarees y kurtas rojas. Antes el dia, ellos coman las comidas deliciosas se llaman " darr " hasta al medianoche.

"Tej" es el dia muy especial para las mujeres manifestar sus deseos de hombres o maridos.

Bailando para relajan sus sufrimentos
orando por su marido

                  Feliz dia de "Tej" para todas mujeres de Hindus.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First impression is the last impression - Not always!

Impression you make at first  not always is the last impression.

Such a dynamic world of human mind! - how human thinks is merely the information access and information availability in this highway of dynamic world of human mind. I used to read and know about the fact that impression you make at first is the last impression it lasts, but This seems not true.

Mind is so active and keep checking every times when encounters! Mind checks for the impression stored in your memory with the present events, and really replace the past stored but keep trace of your past action of memory stored. How does the mind do this? May be some of you who knows how computer memory works might tally with this. Let me know by commenting below which is always welcome to do so.

Impression, how really works in human mind? A person who looks shy and introvert at day one, if changed himself showing up different in the next day then the one who supposed to judge a person for performance and behaviour could really appreciate this changing behaviour of that person? I'm sure he will get the two different information to decide of which is more predominant. That won't be again the last information he would take it for decision as he needs more information.

Do you think a Heart can think too?Does it really matter to the impression we get from the person we met?

I used to read at my school that Heart is composed of cardiac muscles which are involuntary muscles,and are being controlled by para sympathetic nervous system of human brain. And, now these days, I read and view more about Heart being possessed with memory cells and a Heart can really thinks too!!! And now we are in the age of shift from thinking by mind to thinking by heart - You believe or not!!! love at first sight! I think this is about thinking by his heart. Mind really can't make it happen which has brain with its two sides - duality being present.

Mind signifies duality - right or left, imagination or logic, yin or yang, while Heart being Oneness - Wholeness.

From duality to Oneness. God is one. We are all one. Global consciousness impact the world.

While Heart can think too which is how life going to be then impression one can make adds the different dimension to this process. Last impression could be how the heart will think it and decide.

Soul being a just another entity different from our Mind and Heart.  Do you believe of Soul mate found stories of love? and the experience of previous life remembered?

Whatsoever, Human soul have some contribution in making impression to other one who might have his previous life history of karmic account. For more about karma and journey of a soul read here SOUL

Body which is we got in this three dimensional world of nature, really makes impact on the process of impression who we feel that they make us. It can be another part of the story of natural selection,existence and continuity. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Saturday ! A day for recreation!

Here I am on this Saturday to write again for recreation!

"Recreation" I suppose is a word that I am looking for in my Life. Whether I live in any circumstances, a final term to recreate my life again seems a necessity. A necessity? Yes! May be thinking for future with a wise look to fuel my life with a propeller. I don't have an idea to make this Saturday - A day for recreation, but merely writing my memoir again.

Looking at a distance, my vision wanders really into deep speculation of what might I have done although I didn't do it then, do I regret it now?  I asked one of my friend the same question of his life and he denied to regret never as the past has gone - he will try to revive in future. Future is never the present until we make dream right now. Make this possible in the present! What has restrained me to side back what I want to do?
Health!! Fear!!! and at one corner some financial issue also.  I wouldn't set back my wants to sabotage if I didn't have these issues at the time of leaping into new challenges.

I have to look deep into me my fears that I have hidden down within myself. Fear of stirring of family environment into chaos - breakage of relationships that are now in comfort zones. Life is beginning to change really. Codependency in relationship - how to make it right for both of involved ones into secure and progressive right beings? Dissatisfaction of loved ones, competition with the siblings, fear of getting into trauma. Well I might exaggerating now.

Fun in life -Now, is that what I am looking for or togetherness of friends in which I want to be a part of it.

At this point of my life, gathering is rare though occasionally with someone I have a regularity from the long period of time. Few but enlightening! Well, I might be searching for yet again deep insight into the togetherness of friends - I want to a part of a function where we together play our stage of life. That's where synergy in life to create momentum. No wonders at this point of my life to invite all to take parts -here again the fear that I may feel - please don't come alive! What's the secret? You may ask - but yes! it's health and relationship, and family ( mom, and wife, and new coming baby ). Why I am so fearful!! I have to change my afraidness into good energy of self sufficiency and self dependency. Co-creation of this thought might help. No wonders how I may manage my health.  Fun without Health - aaggghhhh!!

A regular exercise is what I have to put on stress myself applying it into my life at this point of my life. Healthy diets are also on priorities - I have to see what I might interest on eating healthwise.

Cutting out expenses on eating junk foods. Cleansing of my body toxins  by herbals if possible - plenty of drinking water. Less salts and sugars. Lemon water to put it on the list of regularity whenever possible. Healthy thoughts and mind, and soul..I am a peaceful soul.  --- Yes, Meditation.