Sunday, June 29, 2014


How a normal being gets irritated with their life and day to day dealings once the person have to deal with day with no smiles.  Here is an email I got from one of my friend's memoir is just that irritation how he felt and beautifully described.

One of the most disturbing and mind reckoning audio clip or music we call it, is the alarm tone and mine one strikes at 5 o clock every morning since past 8 days, even in Saturdays and Sunday. So I wake up all sleepy and tired my joints hurting because of the last days cycling and again I have to go to work. I try switching on the lights of the bathroom but again I find no switch, damned switched is broken and I have to connect the wires to switch it on. Oh yes, this is Nepal sweetheart no lights, load shedding in the morning is a normal case. I struggle to find my toothbrush and I start brushing my teeth, I open the tap and yes of course the water runs dry, and I m left with a mouth full of toothpaste foam. This is very normal in my house as water is a problem everywhere in Kathmandu. I rush to another bathroom wash my face and since I have no time to bath because I have to be in the hotel at sharp 6 or my boss will make my day very hard. I start to shave and we all have pimples and when we cut one pimple it starts to bleed like a river, and we all can imagine the amount of pain we get when we put on that aftershave, oh god!! I don’t want to remember that. That is the part I hate whenever I shave. Now the hairs, it doesn’t get in the way we want, does it now? So I put on my uniform, now time for breakfast. my mom gets up early to make me breakfast and today she made bhuteko maam and I have to eat that with neuro ko saag, I know its her care for me but seriously bhuteko maaam in this early morning, I eat up half of the plate and I pedal all way long to my workplace.

So its early morning and I reach my workplace. I get ready quickly and rush to the attendance machine to find a very long queue of people waiting for their turn to do their attendance since its time for morning duty to start and night duty to get over. It has just been 8 days of work in here and I haven’t got any day off.  I enter inside report to my senior and start doing my normal job that is of a trainee in a 4 star hotel and the jobs I do are the odds one out, like counting the spoiled napkins and get it replaced, refuel the burners, serve tea and pickups from the rooms, this day started with the napkins counting and getting it replaced, I carried all the 68 cloth napkins and few dusters and went to the laundry. The supervisor in the laundry is a good guy with a smiling face but again I had to wait for about 15 minutes with the load of those cloth napkins and dusters as he was busy with other staffs that were in the laundry to get their uniform cleaned.  So finally my turn came to exchange the laundry and then the supervisor started counting the napkins and stopped at 60. He said they only have the stock of 60 napkins. Then I returned with the incomplete set of napkins. I got back to my department to find the boss, owner of the hotel shouting in my department, at the top of his voice, scolding a senior captain of the restaurant for not filling the leave form correctly. I seriously needed a leave because I hadn’t slept properly in few days and I was starting to feel weak. I couldn’t ask him to give me a leave for the next day. 

Then I quietly went to fill up the fuel in the box, and when I reached there, I reached for the rubber gloves and as I was wearing the rubber gloves, that stupid thing tore off, I was wearing it so lightly but that thing tore off and I had to refill the fuel with bare hands. as the fuel has acid in it we are told to use gloves but since my dear glove friend tore off when I needed him, I couldn’t say anything to it nor do anything and as those were a new pair of gloves, I couldn’t ask for a new one. I finished up filling up the fuel for the buffet and then I got time to go and eat the breakfast. I rushed to the staff canteen and I found out that I was late and the breakfast just got over. I got a cup of tea that’s all and I was starving as I didn’t eat much. Then with my hungry stomach I came back to my department. Then it was my turn to pour tea and coffee to the entire guest. I was so hungry and the entire guest were eating a lavish breakfast and I had to watch them eat and give them tea and coffee. I was getting restless with hunger and I told the manager that I am very hungry. He ordered me some tea and biscuits and told me to eat those and work in the back area. I went to the back area with the few biscuits and tea to find my friend who studies with me in Bangalore. He is a bit lazy, bit greedy type of guy. He eats those few biscuits that were for me and drank half of the tea. I couldn't and didn’t say anything to him. Then I started wiping plate and glasses which we needed in for breakfast. I wiped the glasses and placed them in the hall and then I had to fold the napkins and make a bishops hat, 60 napkins and 60 bishops hats were made in a short time but then again 8 napkins were missing and I had to cover for that too, my seniors started shouting at me for the missing napkins and I had to explain them the whole story at the laundry. 

Finally I went for lunch and had some plenty of food. The food sucks but I ate it anyways. then I came back to the department it was 12 by that time and my duty is till 2 o clock, there was no work to do just some pickups and some welcome drinks to be served, the most boring part is when we get nothing to do, not even wiping. Then slowly as I watched the wall clock strike till 2, I stared at the every second the second hand ticked. Finally when it was 2 I ran out to the dressing room and I started to pedal. I was so happy that my duty is over so I was pedaling in super speed and I was overtaking any slow vehicles and in a particular turning I came across a ford figo, it was going slow so I over took it and went  ahead, and the driver got pissed off that a cycle passed by him, he accelerated to his full and came close me and bonked his horn and showed me a middle finger, I was so pissed off with the driver that I pedaled to my fullest and gave him a good chase, thanks to the traffic in Nepal, I caught him in the red light and passed him and showed him who is the boss as cycles don’t have any rules in Nepal and don’t have to stop at red lights. I reached home and was trying to sleep but then a bulldozer came beside my house to fill the landsite and after an hour of its noise I caught my sleep and suddenly I felt something was moving, that was the bulldozer caught the telephone wire of my house, it had only been a day since my telephone was repaired and again this happened, irritated by the people around me I m writing this of how irritating a day can be yet we still survive and live ahead and hope that we don’t have to live the same day tomorrow


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Not the last day of thirties, it seems just fabulous, never before!

Thirties!! yes 30s', 3 decades of my life which I am living through it, which is never before it ever exists in my life and not sure if it continues to be in the day that comes, because I know very well, time that has lived will never back again.

Even though, I don't believe that the beautiful time, I am living with my wife, and parents, ever change through time and will have different scenario and if it will be, then perhaps yet another beautiful time I hope.

Sense of freedom is the key in this period of life. Sense of awareness, control and flexibility of ability to choose the karma with aware of self beings. Most of time, in my case, I have been watching and analyzing through the incidents of life with involvement and sometimes I don't choose to involve in it.

Emotional, financial, interpersonal and social life has been immensely improved in respect to life at 20s'. One great choice I have been making of my life is not to travel at more distant places which makes me not so credible, though it is a preparation, of course for the next coming decades of my life, i.e. 40s'.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Anniversary 2014

Today, the same day, my wife was entered in my home with a wedding ritual being done at Temple. Alas! a year has passed.

It can be a coincidence or shift of my mind, I shifted to search a new standing, and a new scenario myself unknowingly created. I took a  course of non fiction creative writing  from Colby college in Maine, United states and the professor is Dr. Tilar J Mazzeo.

I was focusing myself at the course , did homework of the first lesson in which I am always enthusiastic for the first time anytime, and every times. Its a video series and you can also do from your home at your own pace.

With this focus on a different aspect of my life rather than my Anniversary, my wife felt neglected, and said, "oh you didn't care at all, "  which is very sad and depressing at the moment. She went to school as usual. I think I should have a plan while she will be returning in the evening. It's now 9:20 am.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Miracle! Manifestation! Light!

Light, we bring Miracles! Manifestation are just with the effect and its medium in respect to light.
So, what is light? series or pack of photons. Photons when it strikes within a medium or a field. It changes with the network of fields and energy potential manifested into matter which is nothing but the frequencies change which is in the form of manifestation ( matter ).

Source of light is the SUN, and other cosmic rays that affects the manifestation when there is no Sun. Mind has thoughts and thoughts have certain frequencies. Intensity of focus changes the physical matters, which means it manifests your thoughts by intense focus, and it is a miracle!

Mind minds with matters. Mind, with emotions, thoughts of different frequencies changes the structure of the manifestation.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Two weeks past.

Yes!! Two weeks past and we are back to ultrasound, and in the morning, we went to the hospital. My wife delighted when she came to know that the baby is beating its heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heart rate detected was 186, which is quite normal as the doctor said. We Agot the report and very happy and delighted. We are still curious, is it a boy or a girl. Shri guru deva dutta...........................................

We are yet to see the comment of the Dr. Urmila Karki, the gynecologist.

It's my baby. About my baby, many relatives predicted it as a girl because the baby has come in the time when grandmother expired. It 's  question of belief, whether it takes into shape according to the relatives beliefs or my belief what it will be.  The manifestations can be made what we want.

7 weeks and 1 day, moment of initiation of birth of the soul inside my wife womb. Time to recollect information and knowledge about my baby. Shri guru deva dutta.......................................