Monday, April 20, 2015

Blogging again after a while of days of my life.

It is important to continue back to blogging again. I feel It's important again to feed my soul and I have to ask myself, Is there something I can write about at this time? Just let me see if I can deliver some of my thoughts clearly and concisely to you all.

Yes, I am back and I hope I can continue writing this blog with lots of my experiences and thoughts which I have been holding inside my mind.  Life will be here on earth whether we will be here or not. It will continue as long as the soul desires. The important thing is when the soul wants to appear in a scenario to play his role and continue his journey. 

As the journey begins, we, the soul, continue to act or react, and our purpose are to be in this world is Nirvana, perhaps. Nevertheless, we all exist for desires to happen or if don't have desires, merely flow along the winds of life finding a mirage. I don't want to fix our lives on these two extremities because there could be many possibilities in our lives, which we all came to know by looking someone else experiences.

We all compel to think about our lives how it is to be as it is once we don't have means to fulfill our daily requirements. What if our world to be live is so easy. then it won't be the world of chaos or the world of dreams of someone's willingness to continue on the journey. What so ever, life is there and here that we should feed our lives and to our belongings. Responsibility emerging from pitfalls, situations and occasions whatsoever it's life - our life to live with dignity and confidence.

We, sure have to let go off our downfalls and purge those moments of pain to elevate ourselves into new beginning and finish off with concrete achievements that will make mile-stones
for our lives.

There comes the winds of change. A change rather not to engulf but to sustain and to upgrade to the next stage of our lives. We continue to live and live, Of course let live.

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