Sunday, February 19, 2012

Life has taken a u-turn since I graduated recently. Going for Masters seem not an easy task to spend my energy at this level of time and situation. I have to support my education myself, and to work for living and build life with my novia seems to be a next step in life.

Another world to me now is learning a new langauage.What and how will this change my life is still exciting for me. I am learning a part of my time with a colombiana profesora se llama Juanita..A nice lady, cheerful and encouraging! I feel good to be with her at my learning phase of my espaƱol. It's more to go I feel...Bravo!

World is a new place to live when you are with new people. I am eager to meet new peoples in my life. Give me some space and time o lord and you are always with me I know....Adios!